Fascial Fitness - Tuesday 6-7pm

Understanding what fascia is, why it is important, how to care for it, how to keep it healthy and and improve its quality may be one of the most important and impactful things we can do for our health.

Fascia is the continuous and ubiquitous containing and lining of muscles, organs, vessels, nerves and provides the structure and fluid through which every cell in our bodies are held and through which they communicate. It is like the “soil” of the body, it contains the nutrients and water and provides the structure that make life possible learning how to care for it can be one of the most important, influential and beneficial things we can do.

In this weekly class you will learn how to care for your fascia through specific movement, stretches, exercises and self care techniques that once learned can be done at home, work or the gym.

Caring for your fascia will influence the chronicity and intensity of pain, the ability to move in a greater, pain free range of motion, the ability of our internal organs to function properly.
When you care for the fascia you care for everything else in the body.

Meditation for the Athlete - Tuesday 7-8pm

Meditation for the Athlete teaches the master skill of Relaxed Concentration. That state described as being in the zone or in flow. When we learn to reliably reproduce this state everything improves; we feel better and have more fun, our decisions, movement and execution get better.

Relaxed Concentration, as the term implies, is the combination of two skills Relaxation and Concentration. Relaxing the body requires that we become aware of unconscious muscular contraction, tension and the postural patterns that lead to such tension and learn how to let it go. Concentration is the ability to stay on task and return to task when you notice that you've wondered.

In order to develop these skills we use a series of standing postures and exercises to train the mind to concentrate on micro-movements in our body that include the breath, movements of the arms, legs hips, shoulders and spine. By this method we train both skills simultaneously.

When we learn how to achieve Relaxed Concentration everything gets easier.